SeDidik Personnel

1. As in May 2015, SeDidik has a total of 260 personnel consists of 70 non-teaching staff, 124 teachers, 51 assistant teachers and 15 cooks.

2. SeDidik teachers are individuals who possesses more than 20 years of early childhood education and care experience. Most of our teachers are academically qualified in;

a. Early Childhood Education Diploma (Ministry of Education Malaysia)

b. Sijil Asas Mengajar Prasekolah Kolej Pendidikan Perdana (KOPEDA)

c. Sijil Mengajar Prasekolah Swasta

d. Sijil Asas Asuhan Kanak-kanak (KAAK), Welfare Department

e. Sijil Pengasasan (NURY Institute, Kuala Lumpur)

f. Kursus Asas Pendidikan Awal dan Asuhan Kanak-kanak PERMATA

g. Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) MP010-2

h. Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) MP010-3

i. Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) I-0310-3

j. Sijil Asas Kejurulatihan Asuhan Kanak-kanak


"KinderGym programme is able to help my twins Safwan and Syazwan to be more organized besides increasing their stamina."
Puan Sara Binti Tubo
"This programme helped my daughter, Nursyuhailah to become more focused in her study."
Puan Rosmawaty Binti Sharie
"KinderGym Programme is a good programme for preschool children like my daughter Dafinah Dayini as it instils confidence in children to excel in both academic and sports."
Encik Yusdi Bin Morshidi