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SeDidik offers two major types of services:

TASKA (Childcare) TADIKA (Kindergarten)
Children aged 6 months – 4 years old Umur anak 5 – 6 tahun
Asuhan PERMATA Curriculum Kurikulum Standard Prasekolah Kebangsaan (KSPK)
Additional Programme Let’s Begin
Additional Programme Dr. Glenn Doman
Program Tambahan Let’s Begin
Program Gimnastik YCB
Program Tambahan Bacalah Anakku

Taska SeDidik Perdana Kuching

Tadika SeDidik Mutiara Merembeh (Rural)

Taska SeDidik Perdana Maritim, Kuching
(JV with Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia)

Tadika SeDidik Mutiara Kpg. Luak, Miri (Urban)

Value Added Programmes:

1. Kindergym Programme - SeDidik believe that the physical, intellectual, moral and aesthetic education of a child should be conducted in an all rounded way to ensure that they will grow healthy and to prepare them for elementary education. SeDidik Kindergym Programme/classes are conducted in lower ground, Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching. For more information on this programme, please call us at Operation Department, 082-347489.

2. Kindergardening Programme - In this programme, children practically will learn about Science and Mathematics. Children will be exposed to basic knowledge about gardening including soils, rocks, plant life cycle and gardening equipments. Children will be able to interact with their teachers in learning various types of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

3. Music Class (UR – Music Station) - Music class is facilitated by experienced teachers and it is conducively designed so students can learn to play music and appreciate the joys of playing musical instruments. SeDidik Music Class is open to children and also to adult. For more information on this programme, please call us at Operation Department, 082-347489 or Mr. Jamaludin Sejeli (teacher) at 019-8887233.

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